Ashley Madison and its cheaters may face law suits or criminal consequences

Ashley Madison and its cheaters may face lawsuits or criminal consequences in several US states.

Cheaters and “Cheatees” have voiced an intent to sue Ashley Madison for their role in ruining marriages. A recent article in Forbes alerts the cheaters to the fine print they scroll by in such controversial Web sites. Popular Sex Website Hacked   thus indicating to cheaters “silly rabbit you signed up for it and scrolled past the waiver.”

An as yet unearthed twist to that is: the cheated upon spouses have not so waived

It’s obvious that the cheater might be liable, but in some states, there’s an independent law, for example some bible belt states, the person who assisted in the cheating can also be sued,

Some states, Maryland is not one of them, have criminal laws and civil penalties against the people with whom spouses cheat.  

Those laws are usually independent of the state’s divorce laws where the only party subject to sanction is the cheating spouse.

As noted by the New York Law School online blog “Law as She is Spoke”, the anti cheater laws go largely without enforcement.  Yet the issues, identities and twisted ethics of Ashley Madison and its subscribers are unprecedented.

Breaking up a marriage could cost you

According to lawyers at “the last shoe off the bed has yet to drop” and these lawsuits and prosecutions of the players in this online adultery drama are only a matter of time.

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