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Divorce Court Maryland Still Open

The  Divorce place (and custodyplace) Is open for business.  
We have been declared an essential service by governor Hogan we are seeing clients in person by phone or by calling and scheduling Skype, Zoom or Viber meetings. 

While the courthouses throughout Maryland are closed to public access we through an electronic portal are able to file divorces custody cases and motions 24 hours a day seven days a week, and what’s more these motions are getting ruled on and these divorces and custody cases are getting started Our emergency custody petitions Are getting granted everyday.

We are getting a two month jump on the competition!

Despite the court house’s being close to the public the judgesAre receiving and ruling on electronic motions filed by us.

 Because we are  Innovative and aggressive specialists in the field of divorce and custody we have been using this time to get a 2 month lead time for our clients while others are sleep at the switch.

Tim Conlon Esquire at

The Divorce Place

240 575-9298

Request for Admissions of Fact and Genuineness of Documents MD Rule 2-424 – Deadlines and Consequences?

Savvy Tactics For Divorce Court #2  Failure to answer Request for Admissions of Fact and Genuineness of Documents – deadlines and consequences? Some Discovery failures such as to produce documents, or to answer questions range from the disastrous to the inconsequential.  Often it depends upon the lenity of the judge deciding the punishment for non-compliance… Continue Reading

How Can I Prove Adultery In Maryland?

How Can I Prove Adultery Or Grounds For Divorce In Maryland? How can I prove adultery? In an absolute divorce, provided for in Maryland Family Law Section 7-103, a plaintiff must prove his/her entitlement to an absolute divorce and this is known as “grounds.”  The grounds must be satisfied before anyone can get something out… Continue Reading

Carroll County Maryland Divorce Retirements as Marital Property

Retirements, IRA’s, 401k’s, 403b’s and Pensions are all marital property and as such a judge can redistribute those funds in a Carroll County Maryland Divorce.  (Even if a spouse removed the money) In a Mount Airy and Westminster Maryland, divorce retirements or pension entitlements are marital property just like tangible items or savings accounts.  A… Continue Reading

Maryland Divorce and Family Law “Masters”

Recently “the Bench” (which is what Maryland Divorce Lawyers call Judge’s and their administrative staff) has changed.  Maryland divorce cases were structured under the law to be heard (decided) by Circuit Court Judges, by Family Law Masters and by Family Law Examiners. The type of the Maryland Divorce proceeding and the needs/resources of the various… Continue Reading

Adultery Jurisdiction in Carroll County Maryland Divorce

In Carroll County Maryland we freely cross over the Pennsylvania border to work everyday. Sometimes Pennsylvania residents cross into Maryland to work, see friends shop, and yes sometimes to commit adultery in Taneytown, Union Bridge, Keymar and Westminster. In a Maryland divorce the residency requirement can be trumped or negated by the commission of adultery.… Continue Reading