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Maryland divorce and custody cases, the Maryland Administrative Office of the Courts has made domestic relations forms available onlin

The Maryland Divorce Blue Form

Completing the Maryland Divorce Forms Online (The BLUE FORM)

The “Blue Form” is well…blue.  If you are getting a Maryland divorce, you will go raving mad If you keep track of how many times an angry, caged administrator or bureaucrat tersely asks for YOUR BLUE FORM.  MAD I SAY!!!!!!  STARK… RAVING… MAD!!!!  So here it is:

It is a divorce form filled out by one or both of the spouses and retained by the State of Maryland for statistical purposes when you are granted an Absolute Divorce.  YOU NEED YOUR “BLUE FORM.”


The way it works is very simple.  At the end of any divorce there is what is called “the taking of testimony.”  It sounds like a bigger deal than it is.  DON’T FORGET YOUR BLUE FORM when you go.


The taking of testimony is the final stage of an uncontested divorce case.  It can be done in the office of a special lawyer called a “Standing Examiner” or it can be in the court on a particular date when you appear for your final divorce.  DID YOU BRING YOUR BLUE FORM??


If the testimony is taken in court the person whom you go in front of may be a judge or a  Family law Master.  The taking of testimony is more like a meeting or a real estate settlement than like the sort of court proceeding that you see on TV.  It is far more boring and confusing than it is dramatic.  You will most likely leave with that RCA dog, tilting your head, kinda looking: “was that it??”


After the taking of the testimony you submit the blue form along with your blank Judgment of Absolute Divorce.  If you took the testimony in the office of a Standing Examiner, you give him/her the completed blue form.  The Examiner submits it to the clerks office with your testimony and other documents.  After a period of time (usually 15-45 days) you get back the Judgment of Absolute Divorce and the clerks office keeps your blue form.


If the testimony is in a court, you provide the completed blue form to the judge or family law master and get back your Judgment of Absolute Divorce (usually from 0-45 days) and the court keeps your blue form.  YOU WILL NEVER NEED THE BLUE FORM AGAIN…EVER!!!

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